Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ of the Juvenile Court : 

Do I have to appear in court?

Yes. Juveniles and a parent/guardian must attend all court hearings in delinquency, unruly and traffic cases. It is advisable in all other types of cases that parties be present or risk decisions being made without their input.

How long will I be at Court?

The court tries to handle cases on time. Please check in 30 minutes before your scheduled time. There can be unexpected delays. It may be necessary for you and your child to meet with other court personnel following your court hearing. Please allow time in your schedule to be at court longer than you may expect. Your patience is appreciated.

How do I get my court date changed?

You must contact the clerk's office and fill out a form requesting that your court date be continued. This must be approved by the Judge in advance or you are expected to appear at your scheduled date and time. Requests for continuance must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing.

What do I wear to court?

Appropriate dress is required for everyone conducting business with the court. The following list is a guide for dressing:

  • No cut-off or short shorts
  • No hats
  • Shirts required
  • No midriff tops, no tank tops or strapless tops
  • No offensive language or pictures on clothing
  • Shoes required
  • No visible undergarments

Why can't I talk to the Judge?

Please see this pdf brochure: Why Can't I Talk To The Judge

What is the standard visitation?

Please see this pdf: Standard Visitation Rule

How do I pay my fines and court costs?

You can pay your fines and court costs by going to this website: